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For the receivers Smokesignal is free. The sender of notifications needs a Smokesignal plan. The price of the Premium plan consists of a yearly base fee and a fee for each receiver per month. Volunteer organization profit from all features. With less than 50 receivers we offer you the base fee.

Smokesignal free trial

Free trial

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You can test all Smokesignal features 30 days for free.

30 days
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Smokesignal Premium plan

Premium plan

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  • Phone and E-Mail Support
  • Support with the account setup
  • Send as many notifications as you need
  • Your CI for your channels
  • More features

Yearly fee

324.00 USD / year

Fee per receiver

0.12 USD / month

Smokesignal for volunteer organizations

Volunteer organizations

Special offer for nonprofit organizations

For volunteer organizations we offer the base fee for free as long as you have less than 50 receivers. You can use all features from the premium plan.

Yearly fee

No base fee

Fee per receiver

0.12 USD / month