About Smokesignal

Smokesignal is a product of nanio Inc.. It is made with passion and the end user always in mind. We believe that our products have to be easy to use and have to look nice.

Smokesignal is the best way to keep your audience informed. We make sure that everyone who is registered for your channels, will be informed within minutes after you have send your notification.

Why we developed Smokesignal

We often witnessed how hard it is to inform a specific group of people. In a ski resort waiting for the gondolas to start. In our football club to inform everybody that there is no training or to send the latest results to our fans. 

Normal messaging services don't really work for us. Chats with a bunch of people always end up in a mess where everyone sends funny cat pictures or videos about a dog eating a burger.

We thought that there must be a better solution, where the single purpose of the app must be to inform your audience with important news, no fun stuff, no discussion, nothing except the relevant notification.

We believe that high quality notifications must come first hand from the source. Smokesignal is the best service to deliver distraction free trustworthy notifications.

About nanio Inc.

Nanio was founded in the year 2012. Our headquarter is in the heart of Switzerland. You can find more information about us on our website

We are a team that loves to create web- and mobile applications. We do that with all our passion and put as much effort in to our products as possible. Sometimes we are a little bit finical with our self's, just to build the best products possible.

Because we use our products for our self, it bugs us if something disturbs and if there is a glitch we can react fast to it and improve the system. 


  • Nov 2014 the idea was born
  • Jan 2015 start backend development
  • Feb 2015 start mobile development
  • Mai 2015 start private beta tests
  • Jun 2015 official start of our service
  • Aug 2015 windows phone released
  • Nov 2015 online channel search
  • Nov 2015 schedule messages
  • Jan 2016 in App channel search
  • Feb 2016 links in messages

Press kit

Presse kit about Smokesignal to download with logo, screenshots and marketing texts.

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Brand book

Smokesignal brand book with some simple but important rules how to use our graphical material. Brand book (PDF)

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