In which languages is the Smokesignal mobile application translated?

The Smokesignal mobile application for Android, Windows Phone and iOS is translated into English and German. More languages will follow soon.

What is with privacy?

We do not give your Smokesignal data to someone else. We do NOT read any data (location, address book, e-mails, ...) from your smartphone. The only thing we save on our servers are your name (if you provide one), the type of your device (iOS, Windows Phone or Android) and the push notification data we need to send you the messages.

Is there a Windows Phone version of the Smokesignal application?

Yes, Smokesignal is available in the iOS App Store, in the Android Play Store and in the Windows Store.

How can I subscribe for a channel?

Search for the channel in the Smokesignal app or simply capture the channel QR code of this channel with the Smokesignal application and your good to receive messages. You will find the channel QR code on material provided by the channel owner or in the channel dictionary on our website.

Can I leave a channel?

Yes of course, just delete the channel in the Smokesignal application and you will no longer receive messages from this channel.

Why don't I receive any push notifications?

Verify that you have allowed the Smokesignal application on your smartphone to receive push notifications.

Android: Settings > Application manager > Smokesignal: Enable "Show notifications"

iOS: Settings > Smokesignal > Notifications: Enable "Allow Notifications"

Windows Phone: Settings > notifications + actions > Smokesignal: "Show in action center" -> On

Do I need to register to use the Smokesignal mobile application?

As a message receiver you only need the mobile application. You do not have to create a Smokesignal account.
When you start the Smokesignal application the first time you can enter your name, but this is optional. If you do provide a name you help the channel maintainer of private channels to identify and unlock you.

What are the costs to receive messages?

The Smokesignal mobile applications are free. So there for you have no costs for the application. The Smokesignal application uses the push notification technologies on your smartphone. These push notification technologies depend on an active internet connection. Therefor we recommend you have a data plan with your mobile provider.

Why do I have no push notifications on the lock screen of my Android?

Before Android 5 there was no solution from Android itself to display push notifications on the lock screen of the device. To display push notifications on the lock screen of the device you need to install a third party app from the Play store. One of this apps is "NiLS Lock Screen Notifications" (

Do I need to be connected to the internet with my smartphone to receive notifications?

Yes. To receive push notifications your smartphone has to have an active internet connection.

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