The features in detail

Support / Setup help

Even Smokesignal is very easy to use, if you have questions or problems with Smokesignal do not hesitate and send an email to help@smokesignal.ch. We are happy to help you and get in touch with you as soon as possible.

If you are new at Smokesignal, we help you to setup your account and can make proposal for your CI and graphical design

Send messages

The Smokesignal service can send push notifications to smartphones and tablets. Supported are Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows Phone devices. There are no limitations in the number of messages. And there are no additional costs for each message.

Schedule messages

A message can have a date and time. The message will be sent automatically at this time.

This feature is for reminder messages, with a known date.


Messages can be grouped in channels. Receivers register them self for the needed channels. The number of channels for a Smokesignal account is not limited. There are two types of channels, public and private. Everyone can subscribe for message in public channels. On private channels the channel owner can grant or deny access to the channel.

QR code

The QR code generator creates the channel codes. This QR codes can be used in printouts. The QR code can be downloaded as pixel graphic (PNG) or vector graphic (SVG). The code is generated with the Smokesignal logo, ready to use. Rules how to use the QR codes are listed in the brand book.

Secondary the generator can generate a channel flyer. The channel flyer contains a short description of Smokesignal, the channel QR code, the channel description and a small manual how to register for a channel.

Smokesignal app

The free Smokesignal application for the smartphone or tablet is easy to use. A user is guided through the different features with short instructions.

The messages for the receiver are delivered as push notifications and appear on the smartphones screen.

The free Smokesignal application is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Own design

With the Premium plan the design can be specified. A logo can be uploaded and colors can be defined according to your CI. In the Smokesignal app on the smartphone a channel will have your CI and can be recognized easily.

Public channel dictionary

In the public dictionary all channels are listed and a Smokesignal app user can register for the channel. It is an overview over the channels. Every Smokesignal account has a unique URL to the public dictionary. This URL can be used in printouts or on a website.

For each channel it can be defined if it should be listed or not. Private channels are never listed in the public channel dictionary.

User management

A Smokesignal account can have several users with different permissions. Smokesignal admins have access to all channels and can edit the Smokesignal account settings.
Normal users can send messages only in channels they have access to.


Stats show how many receivers and messages a channel has. You can see how many people have registered for a channel or have left the channel.


Smokesignal provides an API to send messages over the Smokesignal service. The API is in a private beta phase.

API (Application Programming Interface): An API is an interface for other programs to connect to a software system.

If you are interested in the API please contact: help@smokesignal.ch