Smokesignal - reliable, fast and simple notifications.

Smokesignal is the low priced alternative to an own community app.

Smokesignal allows you to inform all your citizen within seconds with push notifications on their smartphones.

  • Low priced, because you do not need to develop your own app
  • User-friendly smartphone app and backend
  • No administrative work to manage the receivers

What is Smokesignal?

With Smokesignal you can inform your citizen within seconds with push notifications directly to their smartphones.

Write your messages on your computer. You can send a notification immediately or you can set a date and time and the message will be sent automatically.

You have no administrative work to do, because the receivers register themselves for the information they want to receive.

Smokesignal sends push notifications from a computer to smartphones

Smokesignal is the low priced alternative to an own community app.

To develop your own smartphone application is expensive. With Smokesignal there is no need to develop an own app. Still you can use your own colors, your logo or banner in the Smokesignal app. So a user can spot your notifications instantly.

Because Smokesignal has several other use cases it is possible the Smokesignal app is already installed on the receiver's smartphone and he is familiar with the handling of the app. The receiver has one app for all to him relevant information.

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Use cases for your community

Use case waste disposal

Waste disposal

Inform your citizen about the next waste disposal service, so the do not miss it.

Use case events


Inform your citizen about the next event in your community. For example, you can inform your guests about changes in the program due to changing weather.

Use case incident


Inform your citizen about unusual incidents in your community. For example, during a dry summer you can inform about a fire ban or if the drinking water gets contaminated.

Use case vote

Votes and elections

Inform your citizen about the results of a vote or an election as soon as they are known.

Smokesignal sends push notifications to iOS, Android and Windows Phones

Advantages of Smokesignal for communities

  • Low priced
  • No expensive software development
  • All smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
  • Fast notifications
  • Information directly to the smartphone, which is always at hand
  • Simple usability of the Smokesignal App and the backend
  • Only one app
  • No administrative work to manage the receivers
  • No backend installation required, because it is web based
  • Start today

How Smokesignal works?

A receiver installs the free Smokesignal app on his smartphone and decides for himself which messages to receive. So the administrative work for you omits and the receivers only get the messages relevant for him.

The sender can login into the Smokesignal backend and can write the notification easily on his computer. With a simple click on the "Send" button the message is on the ways to the receiver's smartphone. In the backend he can also manages his channels and can schedule notifications.

What does Smokesignal cost?

For the receivers Smokesignal is free. The sender of notifications needs a Smokesignal plan. The price of the Premium plan consists of a yearly base fee and a fee for each receiver per month. Volunteer organization profit from all features. With less than 50 receivers we offer you the base fee.

Smokesignal free trial

Free trial

Free test

You can test all Smokesignal features 30 days for free.

30 days
free trial

Smokesignal Premium plan

Premium plan

Register and start right now

  • Phone and E-Mail Support
  • Support with the account setup
  • Send as many notifications as you need
  • Your CI for your channels
  • More features

Yearly fee

324.00 USD / year

Fee per receiver

0.12 USD / month