Smokesignal - reliable, fast and simple notifications.

What is Smokesignal?

With Smokesignal you inform fast, easy and reliable a large group of people. You receive the people directly on their smartphone, which is always at hand today.

As a sender you type your message comfortable on your computer and we take care of the delivery to the smartphones of your audience. To deliver the messages we send push notifications to the receiver's devices. These messages are shown immediately on the screens of the smartphones.

You have no administrative work to do, because the receivers register them self for the information they are interested in.

Smokesignal sends push notifications from a computer to smartphones

Smokesignal in the press

How Smokesignal works?

A receiver installs the free Smokesignal app on his smartphone and decides for himself which messages to receive. So the administrative work for you omits and the receivers only get the messages relevant for him.

The sender can login into the Smokesignal backend and can write the notification easily on his computer. With a simple click on the "Send" button the message is on the ways to the receiver's smartphone. In the backend he can also manages his channels and can schedule notifications.

Backend for the sender

In the backend you can create and send messages.

Organize your messages in channels. A receiver can register for channels, which are interesting to him.
You can create as many channels as you like. Also there are no limits for sending messages.

A receiver decides for himself which messages to receive. So the administrative work for you omits and the receivers only get the messages relevant for him.

Smokesignal backend

Use cases

Smokesignal use case: community


Inform the community members about waste disposal service, important incidents or events

Advantages for the communities

Smokesignal use case: sports club

Sports clubs

Inform the team and fans about the results, time shifts of trainings or events

Smokesignal use case: school


Inform the parents and students about course cancellations, trips or general information

Smokesignal use case: farm shop

Farm shops

Inform the customer about fresh products and specialties

Smokesignal use case: community

Agency (police, fire fighter, ...)

Inform the community members about accidents, closed roads, tracings, security precautions or general information

Smokesignal use case: company


Inform your customers or employees

Smokesignal use case: SMS service

Alternative SMS service

Instead of informing your recipients with an SMS, you can use the simple possibilities of Smokesignal

More information

Smokesignal app screenshot

Smartphone-Application for the receiver

The receiver of a message installs the Smokesignal-Application on his smartphone. With it, he can register for as many channels as he likes. He gets all the messages directly to his smartphone and stays informed.

The messages for the receiver are delivered as push notifications and appear on the smartphones screen.

The Smokesignal-Application is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

What does Smokesignal cost?

For the receivers Smokesignal is free. The sender of notifications needs a Smokesignal plan. The price of the Premium plan consists of a yearly base fee and a fee for each receiver per month. Volunteer organization profit from all features. With less than 50 receivers we offer you the base fee.

Smokesignal free trial

Free trial

Free test

You can test all Smokesignal features 30 days for free.

30 days
free trial

Smokesignal Premium plan

Premium plan

Register and start right now

  • Phone and E-Mail Support
  • Support with the account setup
  • Send as many notifications as you need
  • Your CI for your channels
  • More features

Yearly fee

324.00 USD / year

Fee per receiver

0.12 USD / month

Smokesignal for volunteer organizations

Volunteer organizations

Special offer for nonprofit organizations

For volunteer organizations we offer the base fee for free as long as you have less than 50 receivers. You can use all features from the premium plan.

Yearly fee

No base fee

Fee per receiver

0.12 USD / month